Agriculture KEYNOTE TOPIC:
trends, topics and tomorrow

Damian Mason is an Agriculturist. His presentation is a fast -paced mix of Ag economist, futurist, talk show host, and comedian. Damian addresses the "F" words of Agriculture: farming, food, fights, fair trade, foodies, feelings, food police, finance, and the future of our industry. The content is constantly evolving along with the Ag industry and news of today.

Subtopics can Include:
(customized for each client)

  • Ag is consumer driven and they didn't ask for enormous chickens

  • People don't really want to "know where their food comes from"

  • Why Ag's "cheap food" story is outdated by several decades

  • Trade isn't North American Ag's silver bullet

  • Foodies, the Internet, farmers markets, and fair trade coffee are good for Ag

  • The hierarchy of human needs, hybrid vehicles, and the religion of environmentalism

  • High fructose corn syrup is the new tobacco

  • Who thrives in tomorrow's agriculture

No other speaker is as farm knowledgeable AND exceptionally funny as Damian!

Agriculture KEYNOTE TOPIC:
Humor for the heart of agriculture

This program is geared toward an after dinner keynote slot. Damian delivers a contemporary positive message for agriculture with humorous and relatable stories. His original content will have your audience laughing and entertained, guaranteeing a successful meeting.

Agricultural crowds love Damian’s hilarious farm and ranch themed material, and they respect his knowledge and advocacy for the industry. Damian delivers side-splitting ag humor, while encouraging your audience to be proud, professional and to pass on their legacy of food and agriculture.


It’s tough to find a speaker, humorist, lecturer that shares our passion for agriculture, and understands our business. You’re a great ambassador for our industry and help deliver our message, and I stand and applaud that!! Hats Off, safe travels, and we will see you down the road soon.
— Helena Agri Enterprises