Success Comes From Doing

What’s The Secret to Success? 

Plenty of folks are searching for the elusive secret to success. They’ll never find it because there’s no such thing. What it takes to succeed is really quite simple. And it’s not a secret.  

Work hard, but more importantly work smart. Save your money Invest in yourself and your business. Learn each day. Stay ahead of the marketplace and constantly innovate. Lastly, and most importantly, understand that success is about doing, not talking about doing.  

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wasting time on things that don’t matter and won’t make you successful.  

A perfectly crafted business plan will not make you successful. Neither will a nicely worded corporate mission statement. As I stated two paragraphs ago, success is mostly about doing, not talking about doing. Which is what most business plans and mission statements end up being — just talk.   

Humans love to procrastinate under the guise of “planning” because, let’s face it, “doing” takes effort. Also, success involves risk, and most people have no stomach for risk. So they plan, and contemplate, and deliberate, then ultimately decide “this wasn’t the right opportunity.”   

You can talk yourself out of just about anything. Most people talk themselves out of success because they’re afraid. Worse yet, they think prosperity is predicated on finding a secret that doesn’t even exist.  

So, rather than spinning your wheels in your quest for the secret of success, understand this: Ponce de León never found the elusive fountain of youth. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And there is no right time, perfect economy, or golden opportunity waiting around the corner for you. There’s just a marketplace filled with endless opportunities waiting to be exploited and you. 

You can shroud success in a veil of secrecy as so many do. Or, you can address it for what it is. The result of hard work, resilience, risk tolerance, and forward thinking vision. Most people aren’t willing to pull the trigger, take the risk, and put in the effort to be successful. So stop searching for a nonexistent secret, and go create your success story!  

Damian Mason is a business commentator, speaker, consultant, farm owner, podcaster and author. His latest book, Do Business Better: Traits, Habits & Actions to Help You Succeed released in April. Find him at 

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