Decision By Default, Then Justify The Result

Lots of people struggle with making decisions.  Usually, it’s not for a lack of information.  It most often boils down to fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of judgement, fear of taking responsibility.  The biggie, of course, is fear of change.  

So, these fear - based operators plod along, telling themselves and anyone who’ll listen, they’re “thinking about making a change.”  

Guess what?  It never happens.  Ever.  They just can’t pull the trigger.  

Paralysis by Analysis
We all know people suffering from paralysis by analysis.  They’re not overwhelmed with too much data - it’s their emotions that have them paralyzed.   When they say, “I just don’t know what to do!”  What they’re really saying is, “I’m terrified of decisions and change.  So, I’ll pretend it’s more complex than it really is.”  

I don’t want you to be this person.  And it’s generally not more complex than it appears.  

Here, then, is your guide to effectively executing decisions.  

  1. Enough Is Enough: At some point, you’ve gathered all the information you need. Beyond that, you’re just looking for excuses.

  2. Advice: Seek out someone with more knowledge than you, who has successfully navigated a situation similar to yours. Offer to pay that person for guidance. Remember, with advice, you get what you pay for!

  3. Impose a Deadline: When people don’t HAVE to do something, they typically don’t. Firm deadlines, with consequences, create decisiveness.

Have you heard the old business statement, “No Decision IS a Decision?”  After enough time passes, the person afraid to choose, has made a choice.  By default.  

Then comes the justification.  Because nobody wants to admit they’ve deferred every time life gave them choices.  Much easier to pretend their life was a purposeful journey.  Even though it wasn’t.  

Is this what you want?  Decision by default, then justify the result?  I didn’t think so. 

Take my advice on executing decisions.  The empowerment you feel will outweigh the worry associated with the choice.   Incidentally, most of what you’re worrying about isn’t going to happen.  So stop festering over the “what ifs” and pull the trigger.  

Because you can’t have a life and business by choice without first making a choice.   

Damian Mason helps people create the life and business of their choosing.  He knows how, because he’s done it for himself.  Find him at 


Angie Carel