HGTV & The Myth of Inadequate Resources

Occasionally Lori and I tune into a show on HGTV called House Hunters.  The premise: join home shoppers as they select real estate.  

In almost every episode the house hunter says, “Oh, this home would be great for entertaining.  We just don’t have the right space for entertaining in our current location.”   To which I call, BS!   

The reason you don’t “entertain” in your current house has nothing to do with the space.  It has to do with you!  You’ve never gotten off the couch, whipped up snacks, iced down drinks, and hosted a party.  Don’t blame your kitchen, blame yourself.  You don’t “entertain” at your current address because you won’t put in the effort to be entertaining!  

I use House Hunters to illustrate the Myth of Inadequate Resources.  

The Myth of Inadequate Resources:  The delusion you’re unable to accomplish something because you lack the proper tools.  

Doing Versus Saying  

The Myth of Inadequate Resources is a lie people tell themselves.  People don’t want to admit they’re lazy or feel unaccomplished.  So, they blame their situation on a lack of proper tools.  

Inadequate resources isn’t the real culprit, but it’s comforting for people to delude themselves.  

Don’t believe me?  Give people proper resources and they still don’t use them.  I’ll illustrate with another home and garden example.  

Right up there with “Now we can entertain” is, “Outdoor space is very important to us.”  Many televised house shoppers purport their love of the great outdoors.  Although the research says most don’t venture there often. 

A national home builder conducted a study.  Their buyers, by a huge majority, claimed outdoor space was extremely important to their purchase decision.  Ample play area for the kids, and outdoor entertaining area for the adults was a critical factor in their residential decision.   A year later the studiers analyzed the habits of those home buyers  — Who now resided in homes with adequate outdoor space they said they valued.  They averaged, as a family, 17 minutes per week outdoors.  

The Myth of Inadequate Resources   

Most people won’t make the effort, then blame a lack of resources.  Give them the resources and they blame a lack of time.  Because people seldom accept blame and it’s uncomfortable to admit laziness.  Now you know why the Myth of Inadequate Resources persists. 

Damian Mason is a speaker, writer, farm boy and businessman.  He helps organizations and individuals do business better.  

Angie Carel