Why I’m Passionately Against the Proliferation of Passion 

The buzz word “passion” is everywhere - TV talk shows, social media, and throughout corporate America.  On LinkedIn, half the profiles tout career passion.  Unless they’re actively seeking employment, in which case the passion percentile moves to a solid 97.  

To clarify, passion is defined as a powerful emotion.  Several definitions of passion involve love or sex.  Passion is also used to describe a crime where a person kills their ex- lover.  This is why I scoff at the proliferation of professional passion.  

I recently saw a cheese enzyme manufacturing company advertising how passionate they are.  Really?  Your employees possess deeply intense emotion over cheese enzymes?  If someone steals a slice of aged Muenster, would that constitute a crime of passion?  

Let’s purge the passion  
Customers and employers don’t pay for your feelings.  They pay you for the value you deliver.  

Here then are some “P” words that’ll make you more successful than unbridled passion.

Pragmatic:  Which means relating to practical considerations.  Let’s say you need your sewage system fixed.  Want the guy with practical considerations or the emotional basket case digging into your septic pipes?  

Practiced:  Meaning you trained to be good at what you do.  I like my doctors, for instance, to be well practiced versus highly emotional before they cut into my knees.  

Professional:   Being paid makes you a professional.  Deliver results, not drama.  

Punctual:  90% of success is just showing up.  On time. 

Pleasant:  It’s draining to be around negative people.  Don’t mistake negativity for passion.    

Principled:  We have way too many unscrupulous excuse makers.  Success comes to those with standards.  

Productive:  While the passionate fixate on their feelings, you’ll do well to focus on output rather than outbursts.

Promotional:  Success comes from being good at what you do, then asking the world for their business.  

Performance oriented:  My clients pay me to perform.  So do yours.  In 24 years, no client has ever paid for my feelings. 

When you focus on results rather than your intense emotions, you’ll achieve prosperity and peace.  Two “P” words worth passionately striving for!  

Damian Mason is a self made success because he focuses on priorities instead of passion.  For speeches, consultation, or info go to  www.damianmason.com 

Angie Carel