Business keynote/breakout topic:

In business, as in nature, there are two choices: adapt or perish!

Success and longevity depend on your ability to reinvent yourself, your brand and your business. Damian shares his own success story, analyzes various methods of reinvention, and provides real world examples gone right and wrong. Injected with energy and humor this program provides thought-provoking, practical tools for adapting your business to the future. As Damian, says, "Reinvent. Because, nobody cares how good you used to be!"

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the 3 key aspects of reinventing

  • Gage yourself and your business on relevance

  • Discover your talent and aptitude 

  • How to leverage intentional congruencies

  • SMS = Sales, Money & Support

Business keynote/breakout topic:
Do business better

As a business owner, success is imperative. Damian discusses the Traits, Habits and Actions to help you succeed. You’ll review the four unwavering traits of success, uncover the differences between routines and habits, and discover meaningful actions that create permanent improvement. Damian discusses real-world examples and tells relatable stories that will assist attendees to start, restart, grow, and manage their business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key traits of success and how to strengthen those traits

  • Perfect isn’t Profitable - Develop habits that actually help you 

  • Myth of Inadequate Resources - Rid yourself of ineffective thinking patterns 

  • Success is Simple, Not Easy – What’s really standing between you and your dreams 


Optional breakout topic:
communication excellence

How are you telling your “story” to your customers? Damian discusses the importance of defining your story in your business. How do you make yourself and your product relatable, and desirable to your customer base? Damian discusses ten points to better speaking and communication to improve your salability. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a universal language that your customer can understand

  • Tailor your message with authenticity to connect to your customer

  • How to polish your speaking skills

I made the most of some travel time this week and finished reading “Do Business Better” by Damian Mason. This book makes you analyze how and why you do things, and gives blunt, common sense suggestions for how to shake things up, and Do Business Better. There are several takeaways to apply to both your personal and professional lives. The sections on apportioning time to “The Five E’s”, and Breaking Down the Tape were among my favorites. Great book. Great use of time. Get a copy. Well done, Damian Mason, CSP
— Scott Hawks, Rubber Products Distributors, Inc.

Build your best life by forging your own path to business success!

Do Business Better is the go-to guide for business people, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed looking to jumpstart their journey and build their dreams into reality. If your goal is prosperity, longevity, and a life and business on your terms, this book is for you.