Business Keynote

This rapid-paced, humorous presentation helps organizations and individuals DO BUSINESS BETTER. 

Why do some companies die while others thrive? Why is consumer relevance important for prosperity? Why are habits good but routines are bad? How can your organization avoid commodity mindset?

Damian answers those questions while inspiring people to continually transform to stay in front of tomorrow's marketplace. He provides tangible lessons for success and longevity.

What your audience will take away from this program:
Why success requires constant ReInvention
Real world examples that apply to your business
Action steps to avoid commoditization
Why attempting something new won’t kill your business but stagnation will!

You can also build on this program with Damian's breakout sessions or business consulting.


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Do Business Better is the go-to guide for business people, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed looking to jumpstart their journey and build their dreams into reality. If your goal is prosperity, longevity, and a life and business on your terms, this book is for you.

Great presentation! Your message was detailed enough to relate to, simple enough to follow, and broad enough to promote creative and outside the box thinking for everyone in the audience.

Thank you very much for a wonderful presentation!”
— Paul Mueller company