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Looking for smart talk with entertaining commentary about the business of food, fuel, and fiber? You’ve found it. This podcast offers tips for success, ideas for self betterment, and mental stimulation for people who make Agriculture their Business.

Damian Mason is an agriculturist, entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and funny man. As he says, “You don’t need any more Ag people discussing weather or commodity prices, you have that information on your phone!”


I invented this podcast for you: the entrepreneur, business owner, solopreneur, self employed striver, or business person who wants to do it better. By better I mean more profitably, more happily, and for as many years as you choose to do so. That’s what doing business better is all about to me. I quit my Fortune 500 job in 1994 to pursue a life and business by choice. All these years later I’m still driven by my original “why” that made me resign from corporate America: to be rewarded financially for my accomplishments and to be more creative (I was selling lighting fixtures, so to be “more creative” than that was a pretty low bar, admittedly!).